We aim to release our doves to make your moment very special.  However, our concern is also for the safety of the birds so the following guidelines will be followed.

  • Birds will only be released outside.
  • Birds will not be released any later than three hours before sunset.
  • Birds will not be released in weather conditions determined by the handler to be hazardous to their safety, such as heavy wind, fog, rain or due to fires.
  • If release is cancelled due to weather and we DO NOT go to the location a full refund is made.
  • If we DO arrive at location and determine it is unsuitable to release the doves, refund of deposit is made minus $75.00 for travel.
  • If a cancellation is made by you for reasons unrelated to weather conditions, NO refund will be made if cancellation is made under 24 hours days of scheduled release date.
  • Time will be spent with the photographer to capture that special moment.
  • If the event is booked for Sunday or a Holiday, an additional charge of $50.00 will be added.


When making the appointment, you will be asked to supply an event starting time and a release time. We understand that at times funeral services may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, and therefore, we are prepared to release the doves within 45 minutes from the ORIGINAL scheduled time provided at the time of booking.   We have more than one event per day.  And, we will not be late to our next scheduled event due to a delay in the current event.  In addition, long delays may not be advisable from the bird’s standpoint – they are currently confined in a basket and they cannot be in the basket for long periods of time. In the event the dove release does not happen within the 45 minute window, the most we are able to wait is 45 more minutes. Therefore, the most we are able to wait after the originally scheduled release time is a total of 90 minutes. IMPORTANT: Please see below how your deposit will be impacted by any delay.


A deposit will be required with each booking.  This deposit will be 100% refundable after the event, if and only if, the dove release occurred within the first 45 minutes from the original scheduled time provided at the time of booking. The deposit amounts vary depending on the location of the event.  If the event will take place within the “LOCAL” territory, please see Service Area Map, the deposit amount will be $50.00.  If the event takes place outside of the “LOCAL” territory, which includes “REGIONAL” and “OTHER”, the deposit amount will be $100.00.   Both, the dove release fee and deposit will be collected at the time of the booking.   If the dove release occurred within the 45 minutes allotted, the respectable deposit will be refunded via the same payment method in which the original booking was paid.


Special Moments White Dove Release