We aim to release our doves to make your moment very special.  However, our concern is also for the safety of the birds so the following guidelines will be followed.

  • Birds will only be released outside.
  • Birds will not be released any later than two hours before sunset.
  • Birds will not be released in weather conditions determined by the handler to be hazardous to their safety, such as heavy wind, fog, or rain.
  • Time will be spent with the photographer to capture that special moment.
  • If release is cancelled due to weather and we DO NOT go to location a full refund of deposit is made. If we DO arrive at location and determine it is unsuitable to release the doves, refund of deposit is made minus $75 for travel.
  • If a cancellation is made by you for reasons unrelated to weather conditions, NO refund will be made if cancellation is made under 30 days of scheduled release date.

Special Moments White Dove Release